Education Innovation: Technology Should Facilitate, Not replace, the Role of Teachers

Technology Should Facilitate, Not replace, the Role of Teachers

Author: Robin Nguyen Post date: 16-11-2017

For about a decade, the number of people taking online courses and therefore using technology as a tool to enhance their education has increased dramatically. Global Edtech investments are growing, technology is transforming the educational landscape at a tremendous speed.

Invited to join different global Edtech Summits, I have chances to learn about new technology in education, new ideas, or concepts constructed from emerging technologies. However, I wonder if technology could really help without proper pedagogical strategies or it could impact and enhance a learner’s progress and engagement without an involvement of passionate and enthusiastic teachers.

We all know that technology cannot replace the role of teachers or can move forward without pedagogical strategies.

Teachers fundamentally are to encourage learners independent thought, independent inquiry and ultimately independent learning.

Unlike other fields, education is much more complex. It is about the trust and bond between a teacher and a learner that creates the environment where learning can occur and grow.

Good teachers inspire learners to be lifelong learners by seeing them as worthy and capable human beings, then stimulating their interest through active learning, and finally, ensuring students receive the support needed to learn.

No ‘new models of learning’ can ever compromise or threaten the essence of what a teacher is, always has been and always will be.

At IBI Global, we believe that education drives technology not technology drives education!


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