Education Innovation: Where Are the Opportunities in EdTech?

Where Are the Opportunities in EdTech?

Author: Robin Nguyen Post date: 24-08-2021

A place where chat with the authors of our EdTech book and obtain the most recent industry insights

In this webinar, we discuss the opportunities in edtech with the following the EdTech book’s authors. The EdTech book is the first comprehensive book on the field which includes the voices of some of the most influential educators, EdTech entrepreneurs, and other professionals working in EdTech to provide a 360-degree view of Education Technology and will be published globally in the 4th quarter of 2021.

  • Robin Nguyen; CEO of IBI Global, with a background in business development, marketing, and a passion for knowledge of education and training.

  • Matthew Rhoads; An expert and innovator in educational technology and instructional integration within online, hybrid, and traditional classroom settings.

  • Neale O’Connor; Neale has spent 24 years in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia where he researched the modernization processes of Chinese firms, examining issues such as performance measurement, order qualification, and trust.

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