Project Management

Project Management

You need to have a minimum of TOEIC 550 or intermediate level of English to learn this course.  To start, please:

Module 1: The Basics

Lesson 1: What is a project?
Lesson 2: Projects vs Operations
Lesson 4: Why is Project Management important?
Lesson 5: Projects / Programs / Portfolios
Lesson 6: Project management office
Lesson 7: The skills of Project Management
Project management course - IBI

Module 2: The Organizational Environment

Lesson 1: The various organization types and the impact
Lesson 2: Enterprise Environmental Aspects
Lesson 3: Project Life-cycle
Lesson 4: Traditional vs Agile methodology

Module 3: Project Management Processes

Lesson 1: Five Processes
Lesson 2: Initiation Process
Lesson 3: Planning Process
Lesson 4: Execution Process
Lesson 5: Monitoring & Controlling Process
Lesson 6: Closing Process

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