Education Innovation: The Two Biggest Challenges in E-Learning

The Two Biggest Challenges in E-Learning

Author: Robin Nguyen Post date: 21-11-2017

E-Learning, being the latest wave of education is already having a fair show despite posing challenges for both instructors and students. While instructors need to put in intensive work and time to design the instruction, students need to equip themselves with technical proficiency to decode the course material.

After two decades of growth, e-Learning have still been facing the biggest two challenges:


1.  Lack of proper pedagogic strategies

For many years, e-Learning providers have focused more on developing products that are flexible, convenient and affordable to learners but failed to consider to develop a proper pedagogic strategy which is seen as the key drive to success of an e-Learning model. It’s about how much you understand your target audiences; how deep you learn about their psychology; and how to make them change. The consequence is that most of e-Learning companies now buy customers not to have customers.

Based on the strategy to be set, technology will be built. This stage is the most challenging as building an e-Learning system requires the real connection in vision, concept and execution of the teams who are great in academics, excellent in technology and mature in marketing. The courses are built must be self-motivated and schedule based to boost time management and engagement.


2.  Adaptability Struggle

Switching from traditional classroom and face to face instructor training to computer-based training in a virtual classroom makes the learning experience entirely different for students. Their resistance to change doesn’t allow them to adapt to the online learning environment, whereas it takes time for them to get accustomed to Course Management Systems (CMS) and the methods of computer-based education.

While passive listening and notes taking are expected in a traditional classroom, online discussions or creating a web page demand springing into action. Students with a ‘traditional’ mindset find it difficult to adapt; however, they need to accept the new learning circumstances with an open mind and heart.

A innovation in pedagogy for education entrepreneurs and a change in mind-set for learners will bring to the transformation in education as a whole. However, it’s so effortful!


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