Education Innovation: Factors Affecting the Pedagogical Journey to Build a Sustainable E-Learning Model

Factors Affecting the Pedagogical Journey to Build a Sustainable E-Learning Model

Author: Robin Nguyen Post date: 03-12-2017

Effective planning and implementation of innovative e-learning solutions require deep understanding of the factors which drive innovation. These drivers include business vision, pedagogical strategy, technological development and in-depth marketing.

Literature on innovation reveals two main types of innovation that may affect institutes, and businesses both in sustainable and/or disruptive manners. Disruptive innovation represents innovation that delivers a physical product or a service to consumers in a way which goes against market expectations. In other words, the purpose of disruptive innovation is to attempt to bring simpler, more convenient and less expensive products or services to established customers in existing markets.

By contrast, sustainable innovation focuses on high-end users who demand better performance of an existing product or service and are willing to pay more for it. This performance improvement can be incremental or of a breakthrough nature.

It was hard for me and my team to determine going disruptive or going sustainable before we built IBI platform. And, we decided to go sustainable as we all want our platform to be quality focused and learner centric. More importantly, we are long for continuous innovation and continuous improvement.

Then, we spent hundreds of hours brainstorming and discussing with companies’ leaders, education experts, psychologists and IT leaders to express the desire to find a learning solution that could meet the needs of our corporate clients.

IBI was built as a sustainable e-Learning model that could contribute to foster the right type of skills and knowledge that will lead to sustainable growth for the globe.

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